MA (Ed.) in Educational Psychology - Author

Spiritual Teacher - Clairvoyant Healer



Welcome to my website. If you are ready for transformation and healing you have come to the right place.

I offer deep karmic and transformational therapy and healing at soul level with a combination of psychological and spiritual perspectives.

I have an MA (ed) in Educational Psychology but, as my work includes the spiritual aspect, therapy with me will often consist of a combination of

therapy and healing. I offer different types of healing, such as karmic healing, sound healing, regression therapy, soul retrieval, clearing of negative energies, etc. 

Personal sessions and spiritual councelling and teachings are available locally or online. 

As this is part of my personal experiences, I specialise in ascension processes, kundalini related problems, spiritual crises and the many different

challenges that are part of the spiritual journey. I also work with a variety of issues such as anxiety, grief, fear, phobias, trauma and shock.

I am a spiritual teacher so if you are interested in learning more about spiritual matters and how to include different types of energy work to your spiritual practise I offer workshops with spiritual teachings and deep transformational healing to assist you on your personal healing journey.

Author of the book "The Key to Kundalini & Ascension" about the many different issues and experiences you may encounter on the spiritual

path and the variety of reactions and experiences that are part of this journey including the dark night of the soul and the shadow also known as

the guardian of the threshold. The book is published in Danish but English version is on the way.